Community Participation

In order to develop recommendations to effectively mitigate the community impacts associated with Fort Riley’s personnel drawdown, participation from the community is critical. Communications throughout the study period will occur using three methods, all working together to maximize community input and awareness:

  1. Community meetings held at critical points in the process, where the consultants will present information and receive additional public input and guidance. These meetings will be held in public locations easily accessible by all members of the community. The community will provide advanced notice of each meeting with notification posted on this site as well as other websites from governments and organizations throughout the study area.
  2. This website will be updated regularly to provide the community with status updates, public meeting announcements and present final impacts and recommendations stemming from the study.
  3. Collateral materials, intended to educate and inform the community about the study’s findings and recommendations, will be made available to raise awareness of the community impacts and the roadmap for how best to move forward.

Contact Us

If you would like to provide input via this website, please fill out the form below by providing your contact information and desired comments. Don’t forget to check back regularly for study updates and public meeting announcements. Thank you for your participation!