How to Interpret Impacts

The impacts presented below are categorized into four components: Economic Impacts, Consumption Tax Impacts, Education Impacts (K-12 Enrollments), and Housing Impacts. Each component provides impacts for four scenarios of personnel reductions: the realized reduction of 2,345 personnel, as well as hypothetical reductions of an additional 1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 personnel. The realized reduction of 2,345 personnel is modeled beginning in FY 2015 and impacts are forecasted through FY 2019. Each hypothetical scenario is assumed to occur beginning FY 2020 with impacts forecasted through FY 2025. The impacts under each tab are inclusive of the direct, indirect and induced economic effects derived from the changes in defense spending over time for each respective region. To select the region of interest, please click on the appropriate black bar below. For a glossary of economic terms and industrial definitions, click on the “Glossary” button in the header above.

Note: The annual impacts depicted in the tables below are cumulative. In order to determine the impact for a specific year, subtract the preceding year from the year in question. For example, in order to determine the impact in 2017, subtract 2016 from 2017 for the given indictor. Also, all estimated impacts should be seen as occurring within the context of natural growth occurring outside of the Defense Economy. Due to data constraints, consumption tax impacts are not provided for municipalities.